I’ve got a new assignment. On Sept 1, I’ll add AIR, Association of Independents in Radio, to my roster….I’ve been named Executive Director. AIR is the largest professional membership organization in pubradio — 600 strong — representing a broad cross-section of the “makers,” from station-based reporters to the networks — NPR, PRI, and APM/MPR — to independent production shops to the freelancer-independents who gave birth to the organization nearly 20 years ago in NYC. A recent survey shows that AIR members are a multiplicitas group — teachers, writers, reporter-journalists, curators, poets, archivists — working almost equally in the commercial and non-commercial sectors. AIR members produce or contribute to more than 400 radio programs and podcasts, receiving financial support from 183 corporations or foundations. It is, indeed, a formidable group distinguished by its passion for and mastery of the media and craft of sound. I’m honored to take this position, and excited at what lies ahead.