Between Here and Gone (work in progress)

I applied for a Radcliffe Institute Fellowship. Here is the audio that accompanied my application. I pulled it out last Friday to play for an ad-hoc listening group that meets from time to time here in Boston. I got some great feedback, and one of the most interesting parts of the discussion involved how producing with editing software (ProTools/CoolEdit Pro, etc…) compares to work produced live…the relationship of the presentation to music, sound elements, the difference in emotional impact… The majority of the group were station-based or national program producer-reporters, and hadn’t produced live radio before. Between Here and Gone is a “live” production. Me in a studio with a mixing board and a CDRW. I wrote out the script, picked out music and (rough) audio tracks, hit the “record” button on CD recorder and opened the mic.. mixed it all live. It took me about 5 “takes” to get what you’ll hear here.

[audio:] (15:42)