NPR hosts “social media” brown bag lunch

NPR’s hosting an in-house/staff only lunch today (1-3pmET) featuring a panel of blogger and “social media guru’s” — David Weinberger, Doc Searls, Euan Semple, Rob Paterson, Tom Regen, Zadi Diaz, Jeff Jarvis, Jay Rosen, and Faria Chideva. Andy Carvin is the convener, and he’s blogging it right now at

Jeff Jarvis: We’re all npr listeners and love it. But in defense of crap, it’s multidimensional. Lots of people don’t like putting out their first drafts online, but that’s what bloggers do. Some stuff taken out of context can seem like crap, even though it’s valuable in context. A tiny percentage of stuff is high quality, but a greater amount of stuff isn’t perfect, but is still valuable and worthy of being shared. Just because people are recording content with poor equipment doesn’t mean you ignore it. People can differential between what NPR creates and what the public creates.

Zadi: NPR has expertise in the field. Young people want to improve their skills, their expertise, connect with correspondents. They could gain so much from having an actual relationship with NPR. They want to be listened to, be recognized their thoughts are relevant. They may not be old, but they do have their own wisdom. It can be a two-way street, even with a younger audience, since they’re the ones creating so much of the stuff out there.