Vlog versus radio

Here’s a quick update on the “Needling Nina” debut episode of “Spices of Life,” which is being distributed to pubradio via PRX, and to the rest of the world via blip.tv, iTunes, and YouTube. As of this morning, there have been 122 views of the piece on PRX (member-only site dominated by pubradio “insiders”… stations and producers). No stations have picked up on it so far. A few are considering the radio feature, but putting the video up on their station websites is, not surprisingly, a stretch. According to our vlogger Steve Garfield, there have been 711 views on blip, YouTube 79, and don’t know yet about iTunes.

listen to the radio episode: http://spicesoflife.com/radio/
watch the video: http://www.spicesoflife.com/

My notebook scratchings include comparisions between traditional/new media, and producing for eye/ear. I hope to write a piece, or perhaps just further musings here on these pages. Here’s a start, with more to come, vlog versus radio:
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