Sue Schardt

I am a media strategist, a swimmer, and lately focused on mixing music and sound into 90-minute streams to send from Dorchester, MA to Los Angeles.

One Day at a Time, Manny Farber and Termite Art is an expansive gathering of work from 36 artists, an homage to the legendary film critic, teacher, painter and his concept  of termite art (1962).  The show is the brainchild of curator Helen Molesworth, and will up at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art through March 11, 2019.

I’m one of 36 artists in the show.  My WMBR radio show is on  rotation in the gallery and reading room throughout.  I’ll periodically produce streams in real time. Thank you, Miles Smith, for fixing up magical Barix boxes so I can flip a switch in my Dorchester studio and be live in the MOCA galleries.

I’m experimenting with Instagram playlists (embedded above) @ITMOTO.listen.  Check it out.

“The important trait of termite-fungus-centipede art is an ambulatory creation which is an act both of observing and being in the world, a journeying in which the artist seems to be ingesting both the material of his art and the outside world through horizontal coverage.”

I’m at a major juncture in my work life after working for several decades in public media.  It’s a good time to be contemplating termites, and making new work.

My most public-facing work has been leading AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio, an engaged and ubiquitous network of audio-centric media makers.  My passion and focus over the last decade has been to create conditions where gifted, diverse, talent can do their best work and open the way for producers can bring their generosity, brilliance, and vision to their craft.  I learned that, when we’re successful with that part of it, talent rises and leads us through change.

In 2010, I launched the first in a series of national productions, Localore. We assembled hundreds of independent, station-based, and community producers who worked as a coordinated network for a year. They explored and created new, nascent approaches to making stories in close collaboration with people in neighborhoods and regions large and small.  This planned experiment pioneered new paths for public media stations to get closer to more people in their communities.  It continues to evolve and grow.

I’ve had the immense honor and pleasure of working with hundreds of independent, station, and community-based producers who, by their passion and commitment, inspire others working across media to be bold and take risks.  Together, we’ve reached millions of people with our work and producers thousands of stories distributed via broadcast, social, and “street” or community-based platforms.

My life is enriched by this talent, the work they make, and the new trails they blaze.  I’ve experienced first-hand the power we have to use media to move people and transform their lives.

This site is a work in progress. You’ll find links to my media work, various media studies I’ve been involved with, speeches and remarks, more.  I present across U.S. public media and overseas, including at the 2017 3D Journalism Conference in Moscow, the Australian Centre for Moving Image’s Co-Creative Communities forum, NEA’s National Council meeting, the European Radio Features “think tank” in Leipzig, and the FCC’s Future of Media in the Digital Age. I was a member of a delegation of advisors to the National Public Broadcasting Corporation of the Ukraine in 2015 at a time when they were trying, with some desperation, to navigate Russia’s disruptive dis-information campaign. We had no idea at the time that we’d be confronted with some of the same challenges back home just a year later.

All for now.  Read, absorb, reach out!


  • Sue Schardt, 10-14-18