In the Margin of the Other (ITMOTO) is a free form radio show I began producing in November 1988 on WMBR, MIT’s all volunteer radio station.  It’s taken various forms as I’ve adapted to what the rest of life and work require and is a steady source for the ideas and approaches that take form in my more public work.  In the last year, ITMOTO was featured in One Day at at Time: Manny Farber and Termite Art, an six month exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art

You can download some past shows, or listen shorter clips hereListen to a stream on Mixcloud.  Say hey. 

Wallo267, from Finding Sanctuary: Stories from the People was produced as part of a live multi-media event at the Church of the Advocate in North Philadelphia in June 2018.  This collaboration between AIR, WHYY, and the Public Radio News Directors Association brought together people from across the community. MINGmedia and Philly CAM were our media partners, and we spotlight Wallace Peeples in this short doc.

This is another of the short docs screened during the Finding Sanctuary event.  Watch and learn about Catzie Vilayphonh.

Kelley Libby was one our Finding America lead producers She’s in Richmond, and continues to feed the green shoots of the project she created, UnMonumental. She produced a number of the audio dispatches featured in the Localore metadocumentary.  These snaps capture moments in time and are drawn from many encounters: falling through the ice in Bethel, AK, a bus stop in Durham, NC, and this one from a gentleman at work in a cemetery.

Localore: Finding America, episode 4 (2016) We produced a series of audio dispatches and a set of short documentary features that showcase some of the “luminous characters” our 15 teams met and engaged over the course of our year-long production. Jesus Guerro serves up hotdogs from his wagon parked in front of Tucson City Courthouse.

Finding America trailer (May 2015)

This is Localore (March 2013)

HAPPINESS PROJECT: I’ve been noticing over the last year or so what seems to be movement afoot of people who are bringing music to storytelling in new ways. I tend to find it as I’m perusing WMBR‘s stacks prepping for my radio show, and maybe you’re on to it, too.  I’m loving these new approaches and thought I’d share/attach the latest, Charles Spearin’s “Happiness Project,” which is a collection of some of his Toronto neighbors who frequent his front porch in the summertime.  He says, “I wanted to see if I could blur the line between speaking and singing and write music based on these “accidental melodies.”

ARRIVING IS LEAVING (AGAIN) is a moment of spontaneity on a familiar theme captured In the Margin.

BETWEEN HERE AND GONE is a 15:42 audio essay produced to accompany an application to the Radcliffe Institute Fellowship program. I pulled this out the other night for a listening session, and am posting it here for your listening pleasure.

IN THE MARGIN OF THE OTHER.  I’ve produced thousands of hours of live programming on WMBR-FM,  MIT’s freeform  station, over nearly 3 decades. Chavela Vargas to John Cage, King Crimson to Miles Davis, Lord Buckley to Mice People, Ann Azema, Caroline Bergvall, some magic in between.  ITMOTO is included in a exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, , One Day at a Time: Manny Farber and Termite Art, from October 13, 2018 – March 11, 2019.